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Common Questions

What we offer.


Our trips are mainly geared towards people who are looking for an exploration feel to their trip and want a guided adventure into one of the last areas that has not been to affected by man yet. This unique area is for everyone to enjoy, and we have had a great time in the past guiding people of all nationalities and from ages 6 to 96. Most people are infected with the same bug we have, a great love for adventure and the desire to experience the beauty of the outdoors. We ensure that whether you're a budding outdoorsman, a fisherman, or family, you're ambitions and expectations will be fulfilled.

What do you include?

Everything is included from the time we leave the hotel at the starting point on day one of your trip until we arrive at our end destination at the end of the expedition. You can bring your own sleeping bag or rent one of ours, the only thing you need to take care of is your own personal gear and transportation to the starting point of the trip (major center with airport).



  • Transportation between starting town and river.
  • All meals.
  • Limited wine and beer with meals
  • All rafting equipment (wet suits, helmets, life vests etc.)
  • Water proof dry bag to store personal gear in.
  • Wildlife viewing enhancers, binoculars, books, maps-brought to enhance your experience
  • All guiding services.
  • Portable M-Sat phone for your peace of mind and safety.
  • Good company and a smile.
  • Chairs to add comfort to the trip.
  • Top quality tents and thermarest.

Box 37,
Smithers, BC,
Canada, V0J 2N0

Phone Numbers:
250 877 2144 (For more info)

For Reservations:
Call Toll Free:877 909 RAFT (7238)